Small Businesses Outperform Big Brands in Search Engine Results Using Expert SEO Consultation

Many marketing mangers and directors of big companies with big brand names are usually astonished to find that their branded products are not number one on Google searches, not even in the first three pages of Google search results. They assume that their brand name is strong enough to achieve the number one position on Google searches. The big brand name companies are losing their customers to small and medium sized businesses that are outperforming them by looking for expert SEO consultation and applying different search engine optimization strategies and techniques.

If you want to buy a Canon camera and you search for Canon FX or Canon FX10, you will discover that Canon Company is not on the first three pages of Google search.

Search engine optimization has leveled the playing field. Any small business can compete with any big enterprise. A local photo store can achieve a top placement higher than the Canon Company.
Many executives at the top of big brand companies still do not believe in SEO or in its effects and consequently they do not see any value or benefit for their sites to be optimized.

Small businesses are spending time and money to get expert SEO consultation to enable them to properly optimize their web sites. They search for the keywords that their customers are using in their searches so they can precisely understand what a target audience is searching for and provide those targeted customers with the information they are looking for.

Small businesses owners are usually keen to cooperate with SEO consultants to design the most search engine friendly website to be able to present the information to their target clients in an easy to find and easy to navigate way and at the same time provide the search engine spiders with the relevant information which the spiders are looking for.

In most large websites, the problem of big brand websites is either too much of the same content or a very unfriendly website architecture that makes the job of the search engine spiders very difficult.

Too much of the content problem or duplicate content is caused in most cases because the same content has been reused over and over again. Google will either demote the site, parts of it or even take the whole web site out completely.

To avoid the problem of too much content or duplicate pages, the webmasters of the big websites should allow Google and other search engine crawlers to index only the important pages with valuable content.

Webmasters can also use Google webmaster tools to reveal different kinds of problems. These problems include:
1. crawler errors
2. presence of any Malware
3. Missing title tags
4. duplicate title tags
5. Long or short title tags
6. Non-informative title tags
7. duplicate meta description
8. Long or short meta description
9. Site map errors
10. Not found URLs
11. Number of indexed page
12. Number of internal links to every indexed page
13. Number of external back links to every indexed page
14. Many other useful information

Most of these problems can be easily corrected to achieve better SEO ranking and visibility.

Big brand companies are realizing now that they are losing customers to small and medium sized businesses every day because of a lack of proper search engine optimization. SEO consultation and planning must be an essential part of every internet marketing campaign. An expert SEO consultant will apply different search engine optimization strategies and techniques to meet the specific situation of different websites.

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