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The Management Consulting Presentation Framework

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This article discusses the Consulting Presentation Framework. All business strategy and management consulting firms, such as McKinsey, Bain, BCG, and Booz Allen, use presentation frameworks. By and large, they are all variations of the same concepts and design. Since consulting firms are notorious for developing structured and pretty slides, the Consulting Presentation Framework represents the optimal way to structure and present your information in the form of a PowerPoint presentation.

It involves very specific rules for font faces, font sizes, type of grammar rules to follow, and so forth. If nothing else, adopting and religiously sticking to the framework will vastly improve the look and professionalism of your slides.

Over the years, I have come across a number of different of these presentation frameworks from the various firms I worked for. Borrowing from all of them, the framework presented in this article is an amalgamation of the components I felt worked best.

Now, let’s dig in.

On a typical content slide, there are 3 core components: the Headline, the Body, and the Bumper.

The Headline

The Headline sits on top of the slide. It is a sentence that introduces the slide. Many people use this space for the ‘title’ of the slide. In this framework, the ‘title’ will go into the Body (described in the next section).

The Headline should be Arial Narrow, font size 24, and boldfaced. Do not use any ending punctuation (e.g. no period).

As mentioned, it is a sentence and 1 sentence max. It is also not to exceed 2 lines. If you find it to be longer, then reword and shorten your Headline. If the Headline is any longer than 2 lines, your audience will get lost and/or bored. As you go from slide to slide, the sentences in the Headlines should connect to tell a cohesive story for your audience to follow.

The Body

The Body is the bulk of the slide. It contains all the colorful content (e.g. textboxes, diagrams, etc.). Everything you put in the Body should build upon what has been introduced in the Headline. All text within the Body should be Arial font. The minimum font size to use is size 10, because any size smaller (using Arial) is too difficult to read for most people. This is especially true if you are projecting your presentation.

On the top left of your Body, you should have the Title of your slide. The Title is what people traditionally put in the Headline area. It’s a short phrase that categorizes what the Body is illustrating. Examples include ’6-Phase Approach,’ ‘Objectives of the E-Book,’ ‘Strategic Hierarchies and Related Challenges.’ As you noticed, the capitalization follows that of a book title (per the MLA). The Title should be Arial, font size 16, boldfaced, and italicized.

If you have any numbers or any information on your slide that needs to be sourced, be sure to do it. The source should appear in a text box on the lower left of the Body. It should be Arial, font size 10, and begin with the text “Source:”. Consultants use number of different methodologies and frameworks to structure and design content for the Body. We will not discuss these other teachings within this article.

The Bumper

All consulting firms have this last component, but may call it different names. Deloitte & Touche calls it the Take-Away, A.T. Kearny calls it the Tombstone, and Capgemini Consulting calls it the Kicker.

The purpose of the Bumper is to address the “so what?” question your audience may have. Whereas the Headline provided an introduction and context to the slide, and the Body embellished upon that message with clarifying details, numbers, diagrams, and so forth, you run the risk of your audience thinking, Okay, this information is interesting, but so what? Why do I need to know this? Why should I care?

Those are all fair questions and ones you should answer with the Bumper. If you cannot think of anything meaningful to put in the Bumper, ask yourself if you really need to have this slide in the deck. In other words, if the slide doesn’t offer any additional insight that’s important for your audience to know, why include it all? Of course, there are many valid reasons to have a slide without a Bumper. For instance, the slide just presents the agenda, is a transitional slide, or only is to provide key contact information. Sometimes, they slide is purely to present raw data.

The Bumper is in the form of a light colored box at the bottom of the slide. It should be Arial, font size 14, boldfaced, and italicized. Unlike the Headline, it should have ending punctuation. Like the Headline, it is only 1 sentence and 2 lines max.

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Starting Your Engineering Consultancy

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You need to have a lot of experience before you decide to get into the league of consulting engineers. And like in any other business venture, going out on your own always comes with a set of risks. This is exactly why, you should opt for it only when you are completely sure that it is one thing you really, want to do. Things are, especially, tough in the initial years of setting up when you are still struggling to make a name for yourself.

Here are a few tips on how you can make this process easier without sacrificing quality and professionalism.

* Gaining Experience

If you are starting out as engineering fresher, then you might want to spend some time learning the tricks of the trade. Since most of the times, a successful consulting engineer is someone with a lot of experience who is well into their middle age; they will have a strong edge over you. By getting hands on experience and getting to make the mistakes under someone else’s watch you can learn quickly and skillfully. Once your training is complete and you feel you have enough contacts to get independent projects, you can start to make inroads on your own.

* Finding The Right Investors

Most consulting engineers need financial support and loans to set up their businesses. These might come either from a bank or investors looking to diversify their assets. Either of these options is advantageous depending on how sound your business plan is. But, be ready to go through some hard times, especially, in the first few months. It might take some time for you to pay off all your dues before you actually, start making profits.

* Finding Your Niche

Everyone has an area they are particularly, good at. For example, civil engineers Ireland have an important role to play in construction and even within this field structural engineers have their work cut out compared to environmental engineers, material engineers or water resources engineers. Your selection from among these will go a long way to determine whether you stand out from among other consulting engineers or not.

* Having A Strong Internet Presence

Besides using social networking tools, having a website, blog and using other social media to represent you and your work is of paramount importance. Even if you prefer to let your work do the talking, it is important to give access to as wide a group, as possible. There are also a number of websites where as a consulting engineer you can sign up to be featured in online directories. Using these tools to the best advantage will ensure that you spend less time searching for jobs and more time trying to manage the many clients who come knocking at your door.

Consulting engineering firms do well when they can offer a wide range of services. Having said this, most consulting engineers still prefer to specialize because it allows them to focus on one area that they are really good at. But depending on whether you are setting out independently or with a team, you would want to make this decision, accordingly. After all it helps to take the precautions to ensure that you protect your bases to minimize any potential setbacks that might occur.

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Heading For Financial Disaster? Get a Free Bankruptcy Consultation and See What it Can Do For You

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For whatever reason, bankruptcy is a word feared by many. There’s such a stigma placed on this protection that people are hesitant to even mention the words much less use the action to their advantage when in a pinch. While all of the aspects of filing bankruptcy aren’t positive, there are many positive aspects to this action, especially for those who have dug financial holes much deeper than they are ever going to be able to fill. Despite being a dreaded word, bankruptcy is still a viable means of one being able to make ends meet and receiving a clean slate in order to learn from and move beyond. A simple, free bankruptcy consultation will let an individual know in minuted whether or not filing will benefit them.

Some fear that getting a free bankruptcy consultation ties them or obligates them in going ahead with filing. This is absolutely not the case. Free bankruptcy consultation meetings come at no cost to the consumer, and there are no strings attached. These meetings are designed like an informational session for a consumer to get all of the information that they need in order to know which way they need to proceed. Additionally, it allows them to present the top lines of their financial situation and receive a slightly more in depth look at what filing bankruptcy will really do (and not do) for them in the short and long term.

Getting a free bankruptcy consultation is so important for more reasons than the chance at a better financial standing. First of all, there is more than one type of bankruptcy and the rules surrounding each can be confusing, even to the most educated individual. Ensuring that one files under the right chapter is important to insuring a relatively easy and hassle free filing. In addition, a free bankruptcy consultation allows those sitting on the fence regarding filing to ask all of the questions that they want answered. They have the opportunity to get a subjective look at their current financial picture and a good idea of where they would stand should they decide to file for bankruptcy protection.

Naturally the best part about a free bankruptcy consultation is, of course, that it is of no cost to the consumer. When people consider bankruptcy as an option, they are already to the point that money is tight and the situation is bleak. Spending money that they don’t have in order to determine their next steps simply doesn’t make sense! As such, a free bankruptcy consultation give them the opportunity to access the information they need in order to make an informed decision without shelling out more of the money they truly don’t have.

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Small Businesses Outperform Big Brands in Search Engine Results Using Expert SEO Consultation

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Many marketing mangers and directors of big companies with big brand names are usually astonished to find that their branded products are not number one on Google searches, not even in the first three pages of Google search results. They assume that their brand name is strong enough to achieve the number one position on Google searches. The big brand name companies are losing their customers to small and medium sized businesses that are outperforming them by looking for expert SEO consultation and applying different search engine optimization strategies and techniques.

If you want to buy a Canon camera and you search for Canon FX or Canon FX10, you will discover that Canon Company is not on the first three pages of Google search.

Search engine optimization has leveled the playing field. Any small business can compete with any big enterprise. A local photo store can achieve a top placement higher than the Canon Company.
Many executives at the top of big brand companies still do not believe in SEO or in its effects and consequently they do not see any value or benefit for their sites to be optimized.

Small businesses are spending time and money to get expert SEO consultation to enable them to properly optimize their web sites. They search for the keywords that their customers are using in their searches so they can precisely understand what a target audience is searching for and provide those targeted customers with the information they are looking for.

Small businesses owners are usually keen to cooperate with SEO consultants to design the most search engine friendly website to be able to present the information to their target clients in an easy to find and easy to navigate way and at the same time provide the search engine spiders with the relevant information which the spiders are looking for.

In most large websites, the problem of big brand websites is either too much of the same content or a very unfriendly website architecture that makes the job of the search engine spiders very difficult.

Too much of the content problem or duplicate content is caused in most cases because the same content has been reused over and over again. Google will either demote the site, parts of it or even take the whole web site out completely.

To avoid the problem of too much content or duplicate pages, the webmasters of the big websites should allow Google and other search engine crawlers to index only the important pages with valuable content.

Webmasters can also use Google webmaster tools to reveal different kinds of problems. These problems include:
1. crawler errors
2. presence of any Malware
3. Missing title tags
4. duplicate title tags
5. Long or short title tags
6. Non-informative title tags
7. duplicate meta description
8. Long or short meta description
9. Site map errors
10. Not found URLs
11. Number of indexed page
12. Number of internal links to every indexed page
13. Number of external back links to every indexed page
14. Many other useful information

Most of these problems can be easily corrected to achieve better SEO ranking and visibility.

Big brand companies are realizing now that they are losing customers to small and medium sized businesses every day because of a lack of proper search engine optimization. SEO consultation and planning must be an essential part of every internet marketing campaign. An expert SEO consultant will apply different search engine optimization strategies and techniques to meet the specific situation of different websites.

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What to Look For in an ISO Consultant

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If you’re interested in having your company’s QMS certified, you could use the help of ISO consultants. Before you even start looking for one though, it is well worth asking if the extra help is worth the additional expense.

It goes without saying that specialists don’t come cheap. You’d have to pay a lot to get someone to organize the activities surrounding the creation or modification of your quality management system. From a limited standpoint, it’s easy to see this as a bad decision considering that part of ISO stresses cost reduction. Then again, an expert might be able to help your company save a whole lot more, making the steep initial fees well worth paying.

There is no rule that says getting an ISO consultant is absolutely necessary. Many companies still need one though primarily because of the lack of knowledge and experience. A specialist can increase a company’s chances of passing certification by getting rid of guesswork in the organization and planning phase; assisting in implementation; resolving issues and avoiding errors. In short, an expert can speed up the process by helping a company pass through it correctly once. This can considerably help save company resources even when it is still on the planning stage for certification.

With all the benefits of getting help, the next step to tackle is finding out which experts are best for your company. What should you look for? Before anything else, always remember that many of these individuals belong to ISO consultancy companies. These entities may naturally attempt to sell their services by advertising their own certifications, citations and projects completed. Be mindful though that in the final analysis, you will be dealing with one individual working in your company. Hence you should look into evaluating the specific specialist who will be handling your system.

Obviously, an expert should have finished a degree in management and should have completed training and further education in management systems. Also, individual lead auditor certification from a recognized body is a must. It’s a big plus if you can get someone with solid experience in your business or industry but at the same time, he should also have several years of varied ISO consultant experience. You’d want him to be good in your area but at the same time have a broad enough exposure to deal with various eventualities and outcomes.

There are also several other qualities worth considering. At par with the professional requirements to get the job done are certain ideal traits. You should get someone who should, first and foremost, be able to communicate well and adjust to your company’s culture and entity. The best laid quality management systems will amount to nothing if they aren’t planned and carried out in consideration of what the company and its employees stand for.

It is also generally most ideal for ISO consultants to function according to what their title implies. A consultant only provides structure and input but never carries sole responsibility for a system. Settle for a professional who will tell you outright from the very beginning that a company should retain ownership over its system and take total responsibility for it.

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